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News Date
Word on the street - May 30, 2018
“The existing supply outages in Venezuela and the risk of such outages in Iran… have already resulted in a noticeable tightening of oil supply and a significant rise in prices,” said Commerzbank....
May 30, 2018
Oops, Russia & Saudi Arabia consider production increases
The WTI front-month contract rebounded on Wednesday after falling late last week as Russian and Saudi Arabian officials discussed increasing production. The contract settled up $1.48 Wednesday at...
May 30, 2018
May 23-30 2018 Recap:
WTI settled at $71.84/bbl on May 23 while Henry Hub futures closed at $2.91/ MMbtu. These prices closed Wednesday at $68.21/bbl and $2.89/MMbtu. In the last week, WTI fell $3.63/bbl, or 5.1%, while...
May 30, 2018
Word on the street - May 10, 2018
“The kingdom would work with major producers within and outside OPEC, as well as major consumers, to mitigate the impact of any potential supply shortages,” said an unnamed Saudi energy ministry...
May 10, 2018
WTI crossed $70 as Trump backs out of Iran deal
WTI front-month contract has risen $2.93, (4.3%) to $71.36/bbl over the past week in advance of and now in tandem with Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Iran agreement. Of course Trump’s...
May 10, 2018
April 3-10 Recap:
WTI settled at $68.43/bbl on May 3 while Henry Hub futures closed at $2.73/MMbtu. These prices closed Thursday at $71.36/bbl and $2.81/MMbtu. In the last week, WTI rose $2.93/bbl, or 4.3%, while...
May 10, 2018
WTI hits 3-year high as crude stocks approach 5-yr average
WTI fell $1.17/bbl on Monday to $66.22 following a week-long rally. Front month picked up $5.33 last week to hit a three-year high of $67.39. Two weeks before, crude was down due to the potential for...
Apr 17, 2018
April 6-13 Recap:
WTI settled at $62.06/bbl on April 6 while Henry Hub futures closed at $2.70/ MMbtu. These prices closed Friday at $67.39/bbl and $2.74/MMbtu. In the last week, WTI rose $5.33/bbl, or 8.6%, while...
Apr 17, 2018
President Trump’s policies impacting crude prices
WTI front-month closed down 14 cents Wednesday at $63.37/bbl as the US and China dispute over trade continues. President Donald Trump first imposed a 25% tariff on Chinese steel and a 10% tariff on...
Apr 04, 2018
March 28-April 4 Recap:
March 28-April 4 Recap: WTI settled at $64.38/bbl on March 28 while Henry Hub futures closed at $2.70/ MMbtu. These prices closed Wednesday at $63.37/bbl and $2.72/MMbtu. WTI fell $1.01/bbl,...
Apr 04, 2018

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