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Dealmakers Testimonials

From the folks that were there

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"PLS Dallas 2015 deals we made [...] have literally saved our company."
Sam Reeves, Reeves Exploration & Technology
"The last Houston Dealmakers was a truly outstanding event. Participants were a cut above anything I’ve ever seen [...] and your venue made it so much easier to meaningfully connect. Thanks for assembling such a diverse and outstanding group. This is really the star event of the year and I look forward to the next one!"
Phil Martin, New Century Exploration
"Overall, we were quite pleased with the Dealmakers Expo in Dallas last week and thought that it was a much better use of our time than many other industry conferences that we have attended in the past. We had a pretty steady flow of traffic around our booth at the Expo. We have already made initial follow-ups with about 10 viable contacts that we made at Dealmakers and will continue to actively work that group."
–D. Hughes Watler, Jr., Stratum Holdings, Inc.
"It was a pleasure attending and I believe your event has really helped our business and will continue to do so! We look forward to attending again!"
–Rodney D. Giles
"We had two or 3 good contacts that will be helpful in the future."
–Bill Burns , XCXP Operating LP
"I have plans to make all three [Fall Dealmakers]!"
–Bud Johnson , Maverick Royalty
"You have a really good product and often and in multiple locations. And quality updates via email and mailed. Smokin'!"
–Paul F. Nielsen, Kilburn Law Firm, PLLC
"Dealmakers enabled us to place the last bit of interest we had left on our latest drilling opportunity. Dealmakers is the perfect size, for both buyers and sellers. I only saw serious buyers and sellers. Please don't grow the show too big!"
–Jim Gilstrap, Coastal Plains
"The atmosphere was very conducive to solid discussions."
–Walter Bliss, Corporate Montage
"The Dealmaker Expo exceeded every expectation we could have imagined. The quality of the attendees is what amazed us the most, they were of the highest level of decision makers for their companies and were truly excited about meeting with us and discussing their needs. We cannot wait for the next Expo to take place."
–Dana Bersch, Stonebridge Capital Group
"I have a high opinion of Dealmakers, in regards to format and professionalism, atmosphere, contacts and structure."
–William Hayward, Mountain V O&G
"Based on my experience at December, I will encourage all of my friends to attend upcoming PLS events. I found the December event to be first class in every respect. Since PLS handled all the details, we were free to engage with the exhibitors. I saw several good projects there and have already closed some deals. Finally, the minimal cost to participate was so refreshing. We appreciate PLS for establishing a complimentary event for the industry."
–George Grunau, United Resources, LP
"We enjoyed Dealmakers. We had a lot of traffic and lots of discussions. We will attend again."
–Frank Hunt, Denali O&G
"Good experience overall, we are still working two deals."
–Brian Brister, Gunn Exploration
"The Dealmakers show provided a bigger crowd than we expected and an intimate setting where we could have useful discussions. You created a pleasant atmosphere and the hotel setup made for comfortable marketing. We were treated well with refreshments and amenities."
–Scott Johnson
"It was our first show and we were thrilled to be able to meet new people and new faces and to be able to sign up about ½ dozen new members for the HAPL. Thank you so much for including us and we look forward to a long and exciting business affiliation."
–Diane Snyder, HAPL
"Congratulations to the PLS for a fantastic event!"
–Rich Munn, Brietling Royalty
"We had to cancel our booth to Dealmakers last December because our deal sold the night before. Obviously, expos are a powerful catalyst to bring buyers to the table."
–Sam Banks, Yuma Exploration Inc
We were quite pleased by Dealmakers. It reminded us of the old days at the Westin. This great boutique event offered a solid program, great food and a class facility with a higher contration of "real dealmakers" We sold two deals. We have always been impressed with the high demographics of the PLS audience."
–Phil Martin, New Century Exploration Inc.
"The show was great. We made a sale and have additional follow-up showings scheduled for next week."
–Sam Reeves, Reeves Exploration
"We used two contractors to mind our booth because of a scheduling conflict and their report was that Dealmakers was a great show. We got numerous new contacts. Being from Utah- Dealmakers allowed us another chance to meet with people that we would not otherwise get to see. We plan on attending ourselves in 2011."
–Bryan Farris, Ridgeland O&G
"We liked the Dealmakers Expo and remember these prospect shows from the 1990s. We have a deep gas project which needs marketing opportunities and small regional shows are helpful."
–Larry Wollschlager, Wolf Energy
"We enjoyed Dealmakers immensely. We had serious discussions with a number of buyers during the event and we plan on attending all Dealmaker events."
–Frank Pizzitola, Cabo Petroleum
"I found the Dealmakers' venue more relaxing, intimate and conducive to discussions and business. There was carpet, convenient facilities and refreshments, easily accessible and available all day. First class. I did not feel like I was in a warehouse."
–Gerald Baum, G.R. Baum & Associates
"We felt like the venue was first class; the hotel, the meeting room, the food and beverages…"
–Chris Mazzini, Spindletop O&G

Service Companies & Vendors

"Great show!"
–Melinda Barton, LandTemp
"Dealmakers allowed genuine face-to-face conversations with current and prospective clients, thanks to its intimate size. It is a well thought out and productive show that we look forward to being a part of in the future."
–Katie Barbaro, Drillinginfo, Inc.
"Dealmakers allows us to stay in contact with existing clients while meeting new clients."
–Dave Pacinda, PHDWin
"As a service company our salesman reported great face time with current and potential clients."
-Shannon Morolez, TGS
"We made several connections and are working tirelessly to strengthen our new relationships. I consider it a success for Atlas Tubular and I am sure we will exhibit next year."
–Bryant Hicks, Atlas Tubular
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1-day power packed expos
Unique opportunity for showing deals
Intimate atmosphere for deal discussions
Focused setting perfect to show deals

What companies?

Exploration companies
Independent geologists & prospect generators
Service companies
Public & private independents
Land owners
State, province, federal & Indian land officials
Oil & gas operators
Banks, investors & capital providers

Which professionals?

Petroleum engineers
Property brokers
Investment bankers
Financial analysts
Service company executives

Things to do:

Sell your prospect or property
Find capital for your project
Meet new partners
Sell working interest or overrides
Negotiate & structure deals
Learn about capital markets
Cancellation and Refund Policy:
Any person who registers to attend Dealmakers Expo shall be eligible to substitute the name of the person on the pre-registered pass at no additional cost. Attendee cancellations must be submitted in writing and will not be charged a cancellation fee, however no refunds will be issued under any circumstance. Send written transfer or cancellation requests to Attendees who have purchased booths may not assign or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted to them without first receiving written consent from PLS. PLS does not grant expo booth cancellation reimbursements at any time prior to the oil & gas show, in the event a company registers for a booth, and needs to cancel the booth registration fee shall be forfeited. If for any reason PLS Inc. cancels the Dealmakers Expo, PLS Inc. is not responsible for any costs including but not limited to, travel and hotel accommodations incurred by the registrant. For more information about PLS oil and gas expos contact the registration desk at 713-650-1212