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Selling prospects, properties & projects is as easy as signing up for a booth!

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Focus & Action!

PLS events are known for bringing together top buyers and sellers, their C-level executives and decision makers to the show. As one seller told PLS: "When buyers come to Dealmakers, they come to buy!" "There isn't as much distractions at Dealmakers as compared to other events." said another. "It's a focused show where prospects, projects and property opportunities are the product" said one dealmaker.

Scale & Depth!

In the U.S. each regional Dealmakers Expo averages 65 - 100+ prospect booths and 500 - 800+ attendees. The addition of quick breakout sessions add depth and value to the event.

Content & Balance!

Dealmakers is focused on dealmaking. Besides a show atmosphere conducive to closing transactions, PLS' powerful brand, reputation and 25+ years of experience assures a critical mass of show participants along with the right balance of booths to delegates; buyers to sellers; prospect sellers to service companies; landmen to lawyers; and capital providers to capex spenders.

Resumé & Experience!

PLS founded the summer event now known as Summer Nape and its predecessor company Petroleum Registry originated the prospect exposition format in 1987. Since then, PLS has provided successful exhibit space to thousands of prospect generation shops, exploration companies, property sellers, asset brokers, capital providers and select vendors.

Sales & Success!

Exhibiting at Dealmakers is easy, inexpensive and profitable considering the number of companies and professionals who have either bought or sold deals and or initiated new business relationships based on introductions originating out of the Dealmaker Expo events in U.S. and Canada.

Intimate & Comfort!

Dealmakers' classic and intimate settings are conducive to showing prospects, selling assets and closing deals. Breakout sessions, food, bars and restrooms are all close at hand while registration, walk-in and set-up up are seamless. Lunch and the late afternoon reception creates excellent networking opportunities. PLS even provides complimentary wireless at the show for office connectivity. The shows are structured around a simple one-day format where buyers and sellers can get in and out quickly.

Booths & More Booths.

PLS has always offered flexible pricing for underfunded generators, newcos and the between-job professionals who need support till they sell a deal or find a new gig. PLS offers seller's assistance because we believe in promoting events and building relationships for the long term. The PLS platform is focused on reducing transaction costs and getting more wells drilled, projects developed and properties bought and sold.

Select Sponsors!

Show partners & invited vendors such as capital providers and select service companies active in the dealmaking space can buy booths for $2,000-$3,500 and receive sponsorship benefits, premium booth space, marketing exposure and additional badges.

Fair Pricing!

Prospect booths include 4 passes for prospect generators and sellers and 6-10 passes for capital providers and service vendors. Besides passes- booths also come with all other necessary supplies such as table, chairs, drapery, trash can and signage. Tack boards are extra, but PLS has negotiated favorable rates with dressage firms.

Service & Smile!

Unlike some events, PLS does not charge for name changes and lost badges. And PLS will help clients use extra badges by inviting guests, clients or buyers under their name to use their extra badges. PLS also offers sponsors unique and creative ways to get clients to the show and to your booth.

Image & Art!

PLS can help clients with their booth art, prospect packages, reproduction and graphics needs. E-mail for more information

Simple Signup!

To exhibit just go online and sign up for a booth and then show up with your maps, plats and logs. It's that easy! Questions? Contact Michael ( at 713-600-0142.

Event Schedule
6:00 am Late Setup!
8:15 am Continental Breakfast
8:30 am Doors Open
12:00 pm Network Luncheon
4:30 pm Cocktail Reception
6:00 pm Booth Breakdown
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1-day power packed expos
Unique opportunity for showing deals
Intimate atmosphere for deal discussions
Focused setting perfect to show deals

What companies?

Exploration companies
Independent geologists & prospect generators
Service companies
Public & private independents
Land owners
State, province, federal & Indian land officials
Oil & gas operators
Banks, investors & capital providers

Which professionals?

Petroleum engineers
Property brokers
Investment bankers
Financial analysts
Service company executives

Things to do:

Sell your prospect or property
Find capital for your project
Meet new partners
Sell working interest or overrides
Negotiate & structure deals
Learn about capital markets
Cancellation and Refund Policy:
Any person who registers to attend Dealmakers Expo shall be eligible to substitute the name of the person on the pre-registered pass at no additional cost. Attendee cancellations must be submitted in writing and will not be charged a cancellation fee, however no refunds will be issued under any circumstance. Send written transfer or cancellation requests to Attendees who have purchased booths may not assign or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted to them without first receiving written consent from PLS. PLS does not grant expo booth cancellation reimbursements at any time prior to the oil & gas show, in the event a company registers for a booth, and needs to cancel the booth registration fee shall be forfeited. If for any reason PLS Inc. cancels the Dealmakers Expo, PLS Inc. is not responsible for any costs including but not limited to, travel and hotel accommodations incurred by the registrant. For more information about PLS oil and gas expos contact the registration desk at 713-650-1212