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Ark-La-Tex Scout
PLS publishes exploration news and drilling insights in Arkansas, Louisiana and East Texas through our Ark-La-Tex Scout. A famed area with significant of oil and gas history- this Region- known for East Texas stacked pays (Smackover, Bossier Sand, Cotton Valley, Travis Peak, Woodbine, Glen Rose, Rodessa, Pettit, James Lime, Edwards, Georgetown); Arkansas's shales (Brown Dense & Fayetteville) and North Louisiana's gas (Hosston & Haynesville) is still a core area for many operators from Dallas to Shreveport.

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News Date
Southwestern testing Fayetteville, Moorefield shale in 2017
After a return to the Fayetteville in Q3, Southwestern Energy plans to remain active in 2017 with one rig. The company aims to expand its margins in the play, testing new Fayetteville intervals and...
Mar 03, 2017
Ark-La-Tex Quick News - March 2, 2017
• The Ark-La-Tex region has 52 rigs running—51 gas and one oil— running this issue, up from 28 YOY. • DeSoto Parish is the top county this issue, with 15 rigs running, up from four YOY....
Mar 03, 2017
Chesapeake’s Haynesville program delivers monster rates
Chesapeake’s success with larger fracs, longer laterals and reduced cluster spacing in the Haynesville will lead the company to spend 20% of its $1.9-2.5 billion 2017 capital budget in the play....
Mar 02, 2017
Comstock’s Haynesville wells deliver with high proppant
Comstock Resources drilled this issue’s top two wells, building on its successful Haynesville program. The company is employing higher proppant and smaller frac stages. Drilled at Belle Bower field...
Feb 09, 2017
Range’s extension wells flow above Terryville type curve
Range Resources’ Terryville field step-out wells suggest results on par with the North Louisiana field. Three wells were drilled to the north, east and west of Vernon field, which is south of...
Feb 09, 2017
Ark-La-Tex Quick News - February 9, 2017
• The Ark-La-Tex region has 46 rigs running this issue, 45 gas and one oil, up from 30 YOY. • The one oil rig is running in Franklin County, Texas, up from zero YOY. • There are 13...
Feb 09, 2017
Halcón eyes enhanced completions, higher EUR in E. Texas
Halcón Resources will return to drilling its El Halcón area of the East Texas Eagle Ford early this year after remaining idle in 2016. Both higher oil prices and an internal technical review of...
Jan 23, 2017
Goodrich drilling Haynesville with higher intensity
Goodrich Petroleum, which emerged from bankruptcy in late 2016, has set out a $40 million preliminary 2017 capital budget that will be directed toward its core Haynesville in North Louisiana. The...
Jan 23, 2017
Ark-La-Tex Quick News - January 23, 2017
• There are 43 rigs, 40 gas and three oil, running in the Ark-La-Tex region this issue, up from 35 YOY. • There are 12 gas rigs running in DeSoto Parish up from five YOY. • There is...
Jan 23, 2017
Exco’s ends year on longer laterals and more sand
Exco Resources who has had their own challenges these past years is finally parlaying longer laterals (7,600 ft) and increased proppant (2,650 lbs per lateral foot) in its core Haynesville area to...
Dec 23, 2016

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