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Week of May 21, 2012Volume 2, No. 22

Louisiana's Promising Future

Deep Shelf Play Drilling Onshore and Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Scores first 1,000+ boepd test!


Ultra-Deep Shelf Play

Onshore Target (29,000')

May 8, 2012

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Tuscaloosa Marine Shale

First 1,000+ boepd IP

May 10, 2012

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Among Louisiana's promising new riches are an extension of the Ultra-Deep Shelf play moving onshore and the emerging Tuscaloosa Marine Shale play.  This docFinder alert updates you on the latest developments.

Slide above left, courtesy of McMoran Oil & Gas, shows the evolution of the sub-salt ultra-deep play moving onshore where McMoran has identified 30 Tcfe of gross potential! Shown is Chevron's Ultra-Deep test (Lineham Creek prospect) spud on December 31, 2011 and drilling ahead towards 29,000'.  McMoran is participating with a 36% WI -- a vote of confidence for the prospect given that McMoran is broadly recognized as the industry leader in this new exploration frontier.  In fact, through drilling, McMoran's has confirmed its geological model in 8 separate formations beneath the salt weld.  The Ultra-Deep Shelf trend potentially spans 200 miles in the shallow waters of the GOM AND onshore into Louisiana.  Findings-to-date include Davy Jones #1 (29,000'), Davy Jones #2 (30,546'), Blackbeard West #1 (32,997'), Blackbeard East (33,318') and Lafitte (34,162'). Regarding Lineham Creek, as of May 7, McMoran reports the well drilling ahead below 15,100' having spent $17.4 MM as of March 31,2012 for its share. 

Slide above right, courtesy of Goodrich Petroleum, shows the industry efforts currently in the emerging Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS) play which spans across Louisiana into Mississippi.  Specifically, the map pinpoints the Anderson 17H #1 well (operated by Encana) where Goodrich (as a 5% WI owner) broke the official news this past Wednesday that the well, located in Amite County, MS, is the first TMS well to report 1,000 boepd+ test. On a 72-hour test, the well produced 1,082 boepd (975 bopd, 425 Mcfpd) on a 15/64 choke with 2,119 psi flowing casing pressure. Goodrich also announced increasing its leasehold position in the play to 120,000 net acres. Like other resource plays early in their life cycles, the TMS still requires additional drilling, production history and cost information in order to be deemed de-risked, economically viable and ready for wide-scale development.  That being said, 1,000 boepd test and continuously improving results are certainly moving the play in the right direction!


More Louisiana Onshore Ultra-Deep and TLM updates below. 

PLS' docFinder database allows you to do the research quickly! Shown below are additional select slides including THE SLIDE in which the industry first learned that Chevron in fact had an interest in McMoran's Davy Jones discovery (via a royalty position). Also, slides from Stone Energy regarding its Deep Gas efforts and a presentation regarding Louisiana's promising future from Scott Angelle, chief of Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.  The last slide is an excellent technical overview of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale courtesy of Amelia Resources.

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    Ultra-Deep Player

    February 8, 2012

    Stone Energy

    Deep Gas Highlights 

    May 21, 2012


    "NEW" Energy Map

    February 8, 2012


    TLM Shale

    # of Fracs vs. IP

    May 16, 2012

    Shown above is the slide which broke the news that Chevron has an interest in McMoran's Davy Jones discovery AND is actively working to extend the Ultra Deep play onshore. Chevron operated Lineham Creek spud 12/31/2011 and is currently drilling towards a TD of 29,000'. Industry watchers are closely monitoring this well.  Also, the Bear's Hump prospect (also known as Lighthouse Bayou) -- reached 25,500' (well suspended) and is also now operated by Chevron.

    Above is from Stone Energy's recent Analyst Day presentation -- highlighting Deep Gas onshore LA.  Also shown is the impact discovery La Cantera/LaPosada well - now producing 27.5 MMcf/d and 1,500 bc/d.  A second well spud March 2012 with production possible as early as Q4 2012.  Also shown is a photo of the Bear's Hump/ Lighthouse Bayou location in which Stone has a 25% WI.  In 2012, Stone is budgeting $35 million its Deep Gas efforts.

    Slide above is from a recent presentation from Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and shows the outline of new plays impacting Louisiana -- the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale/Eagle (central LA), Deep Miocence/Deep Shelf (south LA). and Smackover/Brown Dense (north LA). Inside the full presentation is a detailed focus on the TMS which is deemed "promising"  - spurred from a well in St. Helena Parish.  Also included is Louisiana's Fracturing Fluid Rule.

    Above is courtesy of privately-held prospect generator Amelia Resources and provides excellent technical details on Tuscaloosa Marine Shale completion practices.   Specifically, the slide above shows IP results for # of frac stages vs. lateral length. The Encana Anderson 17H #1 just released 1,085 boepd IP, with a 7,500' lateral length and 30 stage frac. Operators in the TMS are going to longer laterals, more fracs and more proppant per frac for better IPs.  

    Full Presentation

    Full Presentation

    Full Presentation

    Full Presentation

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    05/23/12Goodrich Petroleum buys 17,000 acres: Tuscaloosa Marine Shale$3.8 MM
    05/21/12Akers Solutions buys NPS Energy: Oilfield Services$460 MM
    05/21/12Natural Resource Partners buys 9,700 acres in OK: Mississippian Lime$31 MM
    05/17/12Atlas Resource Partners L.P. buys Titan Operation : Barnett shale$184 MM

    Source: PLS M&A Database