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8-Total Wells. 6-Active. 1-Shut-In. 1-SWD.
~3,510 Gross / ~1,320 Net Acres.
Vertical Wichita-Albany/Clear Fork PDP.
Recently Completed San Andres HZ
~100% OPERATED WI; 75% NRI
Gross Production: 92 BOED
Net Production: 45 BOED
Net Cash Flow: $64,970/Month
Notable Offset Operators.
PP 5900DV
Sale Points
PLS Energy Advisors Group has been retained by a Private Seller in the divestment of their Northwest Andrews County, TX property. The project includes ~3,150-Gross Acres (~1,320-Net Acres) that is 43% HBP with interests that ranges from 0.18% - 100% working interest & 0.13% - 75% net revenue interest. The seller has interests in 6 producing wells with net production of 33 BOPD & 71 MCFD (45 BOED) and 1-shut-in well & 1-SWD.

The seller has a joint saltwater disposal agreement in place with Barrow Ranch Ltd. Currently, all water produced from the wells on the property are injected via a flow line into the Tullamore 25-3 saltwater disposal well. Injection interval for this well is 4,200’ – 6,000‘ in the San Andres. The Galway 5 #1 well is currently shut-in but has been permitted for disposal injection. Once the Galway 5 #1 well has been converted to SWD, it will allow injection volumes up to 6,000 BWPD at 2,000 psi.

Recent Developments:
Elk Meadows Resources recently completed the science well, Barrow 15C-4H, a horizontal San Andres with a ~1-mile lateral that passed through the seller’s acreage. The well reached 169 BOPD (100% Oil) peak production and is steadily producing 30 BOPD. The seller has a 0.18% working interest & 0.13% net revenue interest in the well. More importantly, the well delineates the San Andres as a potential target on the seller’s position.

The position offers an operator substantial acreage to drill vertical Wichita Albany/Lower Clear Fork with ~83 potential locations or the horizontal San Andres with ~17 potential locations.

Private Data:
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07/16/18: Teaser, Quicklook, Gross/Net LOS & Production updated in the VDR.
02/02/18: 01 Private Seller Teaser and 02 PrivateSeller Quicklook have been updated in the 01. Summary & Introductory Materials subfolder in the Public section of the VDR.
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