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producing propertyRed River Parish Waterflood (BSI)

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Red River Parish Waterflood (BSI)
110-Wells. ~7,030-Acre Unit.
Tuscaloosa Waterflood With Upside
Additional ~420 BOPD Upside
8 Horizontal Locations Identified.
Gross Production: 58 BOED
Net Production: 47 BOED
Est. Jan-18 Net Cash Flow: $34,700/Month
Surface Equipment Supports Large Growth
PP 3150WF
Sale Points
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BSI Energy Partners has retained PLS Energy Advisors Group to market their Red River Bull Bayou (RRBB) field in Red River Parish, Lousiana. The 7,031 acre waterflood unit has an average Operated WI of 100% (93.2% APO) and NRI of 80.2%. The RRBB unit consists of 110 operated wells (10 PDP, 3 Temporarily shut-in, 3 Active water injectors, 31 Inactive injectors, 3 SWD & 60 Return to Production candidates) producing 43.5° API light crude from the shallow Tuscaloosa reservoir at ~2,500’. The field is currently producing 58 BOPD (47 BOPD Net) from 10 wells generating an estimated January 2018 Net Cash Flow of $34,700/Mn.

Recent Production:
Average production so far during April, 2018 has averaged 53 BOPD and reflects the RRBB's potential of significantly increased production when all wells are consistently producing. Additionally, 3 wells were shut in between January and April, 2018 for workovers which will add another 15 BOPD when brought back online.

Upside Identified:
Additional upside has been identified in 60 non-producing idle wells, capable of returning to production (RTP) via downhole pumping units. The RTP wells were originally taken offline in 1986 due to collapsing prices. All 60 RTP wells are capable of producing an additional ~420 BOPD with the top 17 RTP wells accounting for 273 BOPD. The average cost to return a well to production is ~$65,000 for rod lift and ~$108,000 for an ESP. The RRBB field also contains 8 horizontal locations, previously unaccessible to drill, that are well-suited for short lateral (150’ - 300’) development. The field also has the ability to add CO2 enhanced oil recovery capabilities to the existing waterflood with the conversion of any of the 31 inactive injectors.
Questions Regarding This Asset? Email Chris Bennett or call PLS at 972-348-5536

Questions Regarding This Asset?
Email: Chris Bennett
Call: 972-348-5536

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