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179-Wells. 111-Operated. 57-NonOp. 11-ORRI
PDP PV10: $38.6MM
Total Proved PV10: $91.0MM
Multiple Pay Zones
Madison Group, Red River & Bakken
65,060-Gross Acres / ~51,300 Net Acres.
$720M Workover Program adds 560 BOPD
60 High IRR Infill PUDs adds 2,080 BOPD
Operated & NonOperated WI Available
Avg. Operated Prod: 836 BOPD Net 2017
Avg. Non-Op Prod: 109 BOPD Net 2017
Total Proved Rsrvs: 6,058 MBO & 4.3 BCF
Additional Probable Reserves.
PP 2400DV
Sale Points
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PLS Energy Advisors Group has been retained by Samson Oil & Gas Limited to market their Williston Basin Properties. This opportunity is an Oil-weighted producing asset with scheduled upside & infill development program in place.

The properties consist of 65,060 gross acres (51,035 net acres) -100% HBP across Bowman, Divide, McKenzie & Williams Cos., ND and Dawson, Richland, Roosevelt & Sheridan Cos., MT. There are total of 111-Operated wells including 5-SWDs, 57 Non-Operated wells & 11-wells with ORRI. Average operated ownership interest is 87.5% WI & 70.5% NRI. Average non-operated ownership is 14.6% WI & 12.5% NRI.

Significant horizontal potential exists on the properties through 12 behind-pipe recompletion candidatess & 35-viable Madison Group PUD locations. Fresh-water cleanouts provide opportunities to enhance/increase production. An anticipated 560 BOPD can be added through $720,000 of immediate workovers available. Currently, Samson is seeing a 300% IRR for PUD locations with a low cost $375,000 laterals. There is 6,774 MBOE in Total Net Proved reserves with additional Probable reserves through 10-Nesson locations available.

Asset Highlights
-- 65,060 Gross Acres. 51,305 Net Acres (100% HBP)
-- 111-Operated wells: 836 BOPD Net 2017
-- Well established, low decline production
-- Average Operated 87.5% WI & 70.5% NRI
-- 57 Non-operated wells: 109 BOPD Net (27-producing)
-- Average Non-Operated 14.6% WI & 12.5% NRI
-- Operated Infrastructure: 5-SWD Wells
-- Includes ORRI in 11-Wells ranging from 0.01-1.97% ORRI: 64 BOPD Gross

Upside Potential
-- Enhance/increase production through fresh-water cleanouts
-- $720,000 in workovers to add 560 BOPD
-- 35-viable Madison Group (Ratcliffe) PUDs (4,360 ft)
-- 300% IRR PUD locations
-- Low cost $375,000 laterals from existing wellbores
-- 10-Nesson/Midale probable locations.

Scheduled Workover & Infill Drilling Program
-- Well established infill Madison analogs
-- One of few remaining Madison infill programs
-- Madison Group/Red River IP’s comparable to Bakken completions

Sale Process
This is a negotiated process. Bids are encouraged during the process and may be accepted by the seller at anytime. Below is the marketing timetable:

Initial Marketing: 01/01/18 - 02/27/18
Seller's Data Room Opens: 01/03/18
Offers Due: 02/27/18
Closing: 03/15/18

PLS Energy Advisors Group
Mr. Don McDonald
Managing Director
730 17th Street #840
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Phone: 303-777-0041
Email: dmcdonald@plsenergyadvisors.com
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Questions Regarding This Asset?
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