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Minerals For Sale
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12,190-Total Acres. (Fee/Royalty)
6,607+ Acres of Surface & Minerals
5,583+ Acres of Royalty Interest
Shallow Production. Numerous Prospects.
All Acreage Includes 3D Seismic.
Minerals & Surface Rights.
Some Royalty & Lease Bonus Income.
M 2166RR
Sale Points
10/17/17: Hulin Completion Report added to the Summary & Introductory Materials folder.
10/02/17: Updated Prospect Map added to the Maps folder.
04/25/17: Source Deed added to the Land folder.

-- Hulin No.1 Well (Thunder Bayou Asset) initially produced from Lower Cris R2 Zone and produced 30 Mmcfed for greather than 9 months
-- Recompleted to the Upper Cris R2 pay zone in February 2017
-- Produced 39,000 Mcfd, 1,500 bopd & 2,200 bbls of NGLs
-- Highest Sustained Deliverability in the Gulf Coast & "We Believe in Onshore United States" - Charles Goodson, President/CEO PetroQuest

See Completion Report Available in the Summary & Introductory Materials folder.

Executive Summary---
A Louisiana Partnership is offering for sale all of their interest in the surface and minerals in approximately 6,607.25+ acres and all of their royalty interest in an additional 5,583.48+ acres covering a total of 12,190.73+ acres situated within:
---Township 14 South, Range 3 East,
---Township 14 South, Range 4 East and
---Township 15 South, Range 3 East, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana.

Quick Surface Breakdown---
--- 6,607.25 Acres Surface and Minerals located at Live Oak Field, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, Township 14 South, Range 3 East, Township 14 South, Range 4 East and Township 15 South, Range 4 East, producing and non-producing acreage with development opportunities
--- 5,583.48 Acres royalty interest of 3.125% – 6.25% located at Live Oak Field, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, Township 14 South, Range 3 East, Township 14 South, Range 4 East

Quick Notes---
--- All acreage (6,607.25 + 5,583.48 = 12,190.73+/- Acres) involved in Catapult 3-D Seismic Survey (Phase III) performed by Seismic Exchange, Inc., Veritas DGC Land, Inc. and Geotrace
--- Undrilled and open acreage within Brown – Planulina Unit, formerly Hilcorp Prospect
--- Undrilled and open acreage within Chris R-21,000’ Unit by Fieldwood & Apache
--- Shallow production with numerous prospects

Historical Reference--
Mr. Fred A. Stovall, of Monroe, Louisiana acquired the fee property in 1930, from Live Oak Company, Inc. At that time, Mr. Stovall was reputed the largest drilling contractor in Louisiana and one of the largest in the entire Southwest. Known for his wildcat and drilling operations in the Monroe Gas Field under the names of J.M. Supply Company, Stovall Drilling Company and the Love Drilling Company, Mr. Stovall ventured to southern Louisiana in search of additional prospects and opportunities.

The property is bounded on the east side by fee lands owned by Fieldwood and Apache Corporation, et al and on the west side by fee lands owned by ExxonMobil, et al. The properties have been involved in extensive oil and gas development and operations for the last fifty (50) years with many oil and gas operators.

The property became part of the Live Oak Field, which is located ~12 miles south of Abbeville, Louisiana, lying south and southeast of Intracoastal City, in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. The Intracoastal Waterway traverses through the northern portion of those lands in a southwest to northeast direction. There are also numerous privately owned canals and waterways throughout the lands that were primarily created for access use by oil and gas exploration companies.

The property has been in production in the Live Oak Field in excess of fifty (50+) years involving numerous operators. Discovered in 1953 by Houston Oil Company, the Live Oak Field has produced over 695 BCFG and 15.4 MMBO. This production ranges in depth from 9,200 to 16,000 and spans L. Miocene stratigraphic equivalents of Amphistegina  B to Planulina sands, although deeper sands are under review and exploration by operators within the field. Regionally, the field is located on a north-south, deep-seated shale ridge, which is cut by a series of east-west faults expanding the Planulina and Siphonina davisi section. Though over 17 distinct horizons have contributed to the production, the major share has come from Siphonina davisi  Godchaux sands and Planulina sands.

The Live Oak Field was purchased by Cody Energy, Inc., Denver, Colorado, in a 1993 acquisition from Arco and a 1995 acquisition from Texaco.

Currently there are a number of active operators in and around Live Oak Field, operating at various producing zones and levels within the field.

Current Operators include:
---Browning Oil

Prior Operators Include:
---El Paso Production, Inc. (Catapult 3-D Seismic Survey),
---Cody Energy, L.L.C.,
---Dune Energy
---Goldking Energy Corporation (formerly Dunhill Exploration and Production L.L.C. and now operated by Brammer Engineering, Inc.),
Stone Exploration
Vista Resources, L.L.C.

Other Players Include:
---Kitty Hawk


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