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Minerals For Sale
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Interest in 4,360 Total Net Mineral Acres.
Strong MultiPay Potential
Shallow Production & Numerous Prospects
Significant Leasing and Drilling Offset Activity
Multiple Active Operators in the Area
Key Producing & NonProducing Minerals
Area Operators: Crescent Point, Husky,
Penn West, Spartan, Torc & Others
M 13554
Sale Points
06/13/17: Financial Statement May 2017 added to the Accounting folder.

PLS Energy Advisors Group has been retained by a Private Seller to offer its ownership interest in producing and non producing mineral acreage. The owner holds interest in 4,360 net mineral acres and associated production rights in Saskatchewan and Manitoba Canada.

The mineral rights span 45 sections. Several horizontal wells have been completed and are producing in the seller’s mineral acreage. Revenue is received from 11 operators and Royalty Trusts. The wells are producing from multiple units including Daly Sinclair, Virden Waskada, Red Jacket, Tableland and Others. There is significant leasing and drilling activity in the area. This package offers an attractive opportunity to acquire key producing & non producing minerals in South East Saskatchewan and South West Manitoba.

The sale offers a majority equity interest in a private Canadian corporation that owns minerals in Saskatchewan & Manitoba.

Current Operators:
Active area operators include Spartan Oil & Gas, Torc Oil & Gas, Crescent Point Energy Corp, Husky Energy, Penn West, Tundra Oil & Gas, ARC Resources, Lonestar Resources, Vermilion Energy and Steppe Petroleum. The minerals are spread out among multiple operators providing diversification for a potential investor or buyer.

The Williston Basin has staked pay potential consisting of both conventional and unconventional resource plays. Depth of Reservoirs ranges from 4,15 – 2,900 meters. The area includes shallow production and numerous prospects.

The Torquay formation in the southeast Saskatchewan is a significant producing reservoir of light oil having API of 40. With the development in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, the play offers attractive economics to Canadian producers.

The Spearfish or Lower Amaranth formation in southwest Manitoba is a low permeability sandstone reservoir containing low GOR light oil. The play has large in place oil volume ~9 - 15 MMbbls/section with oil quality of 36 - 38 API. With the development in hydraulic fracturing, this shallow reservoir has become an attractive economic prospect.

The Midale light oil resource play is characterized by evaporites and carbonates deposited on the northern flank of Williston Basin. It is bounded below by Frobisher and above by Ratcliffe formation. Contains large oil in place and over 60% oil & liquids over life of a well

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All Standard Disclaimers Apply & Seller Rights Retained
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