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Week of June 4, 2012Volume 2, No. 23

Exploratory Hogshooter Hits 7,350 boepd!

DocFinder takes a deeper dive into one of the best oil wells in 30 years.




October 2010 Position


October 23, 2010


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Forest Oil

3,000 boepd : Up to 45 locations


May 9, 2012


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Last Friday, Chesapeake announced the best well in its history - the Thurmon Horn 406H in Wheeler County, Texas and one of the best oil wells drilled onshore U.S. in the last 30 years.  The exploratory well produced a whopping 7,350 boepd (5,400 bpd oil, 1,200 bpd NGLs, and 4.6 MMcfd) over its first 8 days from the Hogshooter formation -- which sits above the Granite Wash.  The well is over 5 miles from existing Hogshooter production and blew away prior Hogshooter results -- which have already been dramatic at times.

Using PLS' docFinder databse, we take a deeper dive into learning more about the Hogshooter play. The slide above left, presented in October 2010, shows the location of the Thurmon Horn 4-2H in northeastern Wheeler County (IP of 4,799 boepd, 46% oil) completed in the deeper Granite Wash zone.  As stated by Chesapeake last Friday, this Hogshooter discovery is in a section of land where three wells had already been drilled to other formations -- presumably the deeper Granite Wash being one of them.  Drilling an uphole zone to a record production level is certainly noteworthy.  How many other Hogshooter uphole zones are known today from the deeper Granite Wash or other productive completions?  We do know CHK is WOC on two other wells -- Zybach 6010H and Hamilton 39 10H -- and has 30,000 acres and 65 potential locations.

Above right is the most recent slide from Forest Oil which shows Hogshooter (also known as Missourian Wash) wells are now averaging 3,000 boepd (2,157 bpd oil, 546 bpd NGLs and 2.6 MMcfd) based on 24-hour IP rates.  Forest has another 45 potential locations.  Forest's map of the Hogshooter play is almost entirely within Wheeler County, Texas.  This part of the Texas Panhandle is known for stacked pays and Forest is actively and successfully pursuing the Hogshooter, Cleveland, Tonkawa and an "Undisclosed Play" in NE Roberts County, Texas.  Back in January 2012, PLS featured Forest's Missourian Wash in the docFinder Alert entitled Granite Wash, Tonkawa, Cleveland, Marmaton PLUS.

More Hogshooter players and data below. 

Want more information on the Hogshooter play, the surrounding area and some key players?  See below.  Linn Energy currently has 3 rigs targeting the Hogshooter formation.  Upstream and Midstream MLP Eagle Rock Energy Partners shows NE Wheeler County's  rigs, permits and horizontal wells as well as its own infrastructure assets.  Apache provides an education on the stacked pay nature of the area (over a mile of pay), and finally an excellent technical presentation on the Anadarko basin courtesy of  SM Energy.

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    Linn Energy

    3 Rigs in Hogshooter


    April 16, 2012

    N. Wheeler County

    Core Hogshooter 


    May 23, 2012


    Hogshooter PLUS


    January 30, 2012


    Hogshooter Wells

    Yellow Stars


    March 8, 2012

    Linn Energy drilled 29 Granite Wash wells in 2011in NE Wheeler County (Greater Stiles Ranch area) and has 10 years of inventory on 68,000 net acres. The slide above shows Granite Wash and Atoka Wash zones completed. The heavy red circle above the Granite Wash is Missourian - Kansas City (Hogshooter) where Linn, "encouraged" by recent industry success, is potentially shifting capital to this shallower oil zone.  Linn is now running 3 rigs for Hogshooter.


    Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P. is a growth-oriented upstream and midstream MLP.  The slide above shows the Granite Wash fairway in the Texas Panhandle. Note Hogshooter lies below the Tonkawa and above the Cleveland. Also in NE Wheeler County are 27 rigs and a host of permitted locations. Eagle Rock is currently building out processing capacity in the area to service growing production, including a 50 MMcfd Wheeler County plant.

    Illustrated above, courtesy of Apache, is the reason for the excitement in this part of the Anadarko basin. Targets include no less than 13 separate stacked pays covering more than a mile of vertical section (9,500' to 14,500') -- all of which can be drilled horizontally.  The Hogshooter is one of the shallower oil zones at 10,500'.  As of January, industry has drilled 3,000 HZ wells to these formations.  This play drove Apache's $2.85 B Cordillera buy.

    Seeking more technical data on the Hogshooter play?  Shown above is an excellent presentation by John Mitchell, Sr. Geologist with SM Energy entitled "The Anadarko Basin : Oil and Gas Exploration - Past, Present and Future".  Slide above shows Missourian Wash (Hogshooter) wells > 750 boepd in first 30 days - in yellow stars.  Notice the cluster in Wheeler County.  The presentation provides excellent geological training for the nature of these plays.


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    featured.transactions from PLS global M&A database

    06/04/12Forestar acquires Credo Petroleum for $14.50 per Credo share$145 MM
    06/04/12Trinity CO2 acquires Permian fields from Sandridge Energy$130 MM
    06/01/12Vanguard buys Woodford and Fayetteville shale assets from Antero$445 MM
    06/01/12American Midstream buys Alabama gas processing plant from Quantum$55 MM

    Source: PLS M&A Database