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PLS' A&D Advisory Services arm and our regional technical affiliates have been selling oil and gas assets since 1990. In fact - PLS' inhouse division A&D Advisory Services is one of the industry's largest service bureaus handling "cash flow driven assets" valued between $100,000-$100,000,000.

PLS' A&D Advisory Services provides sellers: specialized data collection, software and protocols; unique desktop publishing, presentation and packaging capabilities; inhouse printing resources; the largest database of buyers; multi-dimensional advertising and marketing platforms; unique distribution channels; internet and physical dataroom platforms; and twenty-plus-years of transaction expertise and execution to ensure a successful sale.

In addition to strong marketing resources - PLS also has a number of regional and professional alliances for engineering, evaluation, valuations, reservoir simulation, production optimization and best practices. PLS also has access to a number of professional geologist or geophysicists on packages or offerings that require exploration type support.

PLS' A&D service has marketed over $5.2 billion in oil & gas assets throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1990 and can execute "high profile marketing effort" or "quick and the quiet negotiated sales".

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