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PLS recognizes that capital is the lifeblood of the oil and gas business, which is why we have set up a team of energy capital experts to service our clients' needs.

In fact PLS' energy finance group will evaluate your business and capital needs, review the available financing options and then source the capital markets for the most appropriate facility. Once a provider has been identified, PLS' Capital Group will assist in negotiations to ensure the best possible terms for your company.

Our experienced financial experts will work to pinpoint the best possible match between capital resources and your goals for asset acquisitions, business growth, and exploration and development. Additionally, our group can provide an array of transaction advisory services including:

- Acquisition Advice & Screening
- Energy Investment Analysis
- Business Plan Review & Peer Group Analysis
- Risk Mitigation Strategy
- Strategic & Business Planning
- Financial Analysis & Capital Structure Advice
- Company Valuation
- Technical Support & Trend Assessment
- Country Risk Assessment
- Energy Market Research
- Due Diligence
- Capitalization and Deal Structure
- Screening & Negotiation

Finally our clients take care in knowing that the PLS team is also experienced in all forms of oil and gas financing including:

- Equity Finance
- Senior Financing
- Second Line Financing
- Mezzanine Debt
- Bridge & Project Finance
- Volumetric Production Payments

Contact us to discuss your needs:
Email: memberservice@plsx.com
Phone: 713-650-1212