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Acquisitions & Divestitures :
Transaction DetailsTransaction Details(15,693)
Deal MetricsDeal Metrics(2,729)
Portfolio & Operations :
Areas of OperationsAreas of Operations(102,979)
Field or FormationsField or Formations(99,357)
Production RatesProduction Rates(127,128)
Cumulative ProductionCumulative Production(25,583)
Production AnalysisProduction Analysis(30,570)
Initial Production RatesInitial Production Rates(33,154)
Prospects & Geology :
Key Wells & DiscoveriesKey Wells & Discoveries(52,506)
Science & TechnologyScience & Technology(12,567)
Well Log(s)Well Log(s)(10,634)
Cross Section / StratigraphyCross Section / Stratigraphy(23,071)
Reservoir CharacteristicsReservoir Characteristics(23,160)
Drilling CostsDrilling Costs(30,108)
Core Sample(s)Core Sample(s)(1,525)
Seismic ImagesSeismic Images(16,120)
Land & Legal :
Acreage & LandAcreage & Land(74,690)
Partnerships & AgreementsPartnerships & Agreements(34,763)
Well Spacing & LateralsWell Spacing & Laterals(22,006)
Capital Markets :
Financial ResultsFinancial Results(280,126)
Financial PredictionsFinancial Predictions(26,708)
Capital ExpendituresCapital Expenditures(121,173)
F&D Costs / RRCF&D Costs / RRC(17,682)
Stock DataStock Data(31,645)
Rates of Return(IRR%)Rates of Return(IRR%)(36,611)
Operating Costs (LOE)Operating Costs (LOE)(28,801)
Valuations / PVValuations / PV(31,868)
Corporate StructureCorporate Structure(26,894)
Timeline :
Historical DataHistorical Data(337,270)
Future Plans/ProjectionsFuture Plans/Projections(112,819)
Midstream & Infrastructure :
Gas GatheringGas Gathering(29,478)
Crude GatheringCrude Gathering(21,024)
Pipelines & FacilitiesPipelines & Facilities(74,251)
Pricing & Hedging :
Hedging PositionsHedging Positions(20,074)
Oil & Gas PricesOil & Gas Prices(43,610)
Page Classification :
Summary & HighlightsSummary & Highlights(28,175)
Peer ComparisonPeer Comparison(28,374)
Data ComparisonData Comparison(283,276)
Data & Graphics :
Type CurveType Curve(12,670)
Decline CurveDecline Curve(7,321)
Well Bore DesignWell Bore Design(14,297)
Bar ChartBar Chart(223,838)
Pie ChartPie Chart(49,814)
Other ChartOther Chart(110,447)
Operations MapOperations Map(73,074)
Plat / Leasehold MapPlat / Leasehold Map(65,984)
Trend MapTrend Map(29,005)
Isopach / Structure MapIsopach / Structure Map(22,959)
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